Happy New Year

On the 14th October just before 8pm, I was casting a quick glance at my twitter feed when I noticed a recurring hashtag: #livejump #redbullstratos. The tweets were a mixture of awe, enthusiasm and total fear. A quick google search led me to the livestream and before long I too became caught up in the excitement, and then the 8 o’clock news was ignored as the Frog and I watched history in the making. Felix Baumgartner became the first man to  freefall from the stratosphere and break the sound barrier.

To be perfectly honest I have no wish to jump off anything high (I jumped out a plane once and still bear the scar the alto-meter left under my chin), but I do have a goal. I want to write a book, not in that ‘everyone has a book in them’ kind of way, but in a ‘I am going to write a book’ kind of way. So, I find people like Baumgartner inspiring, because let’s face it, if someone goes to the edge of the Earth and risks death it kind of makes writing a book easy. I’m not saying writing a book is easy, I’m just saying that I don’t need a special suit, I don’t need to travel anywhere, I don’t need a special team of scientists, I just need me and my desk.

So here’s my resolution number one:

Write damn you, write.

The next one is a recurrent resolution, which gets broken every year, but there’s no harm in keeping this one:

Mind and body! Don’t forget to exercise lardy.

The last one for this year is in reference to blogging. The whole point of setting up this new blog was to get back into it, and while I did indeed get back into blogging for all of … posts, I didn’t really get back into it. Part of this was because starting a new blog takes a lot of effort and I … uh… didn’t put any into it. So, I’m going to have another crack at this and my last resolution is:

Excluding the photo, post at least once a week.

I think my move from blogger to wordpress was a little hasty so I’m going to kind of cross-post with the idea being that I eventually move permanently over here.

So with that I’ll leave you with that inspirational jump and let’s all go over together.


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