Welcome to the wanderer in red shoes. This blog is a bit about this that and the other, but to help you find your way around this is the idea:

Blog: is where you can read everything I wibble on about:

Red shoe days is me wibbling on about anything, random thoughts, how to solve all the problems of the world, you know stuff like that. I suppose you could call it … a journal.

Books, books, books are basically book reviews. I warn you now that they are mostly children’s books, pictures books, young adult books and one or two adult books. Although you never know with me there may be more adult books coming.

Words about writing is pretty self-explanatory. It’s me wittering on about writing, mostly angsty stuff like: oooh I haven’t written today, why can’t I write today, what shall I write today? OK it isn’t like that at all.

And lastly Pretty Pictures are my photos. I like taking them and sometimes they are even alright to look at.


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